12th February 2018 Michelle

Kandeez Uniform Model Competition Winners!

After much deliberation, and more entrants in the two younger categories than we expected, we have now come to a decision as to who will be modelling the Kandeez Class and Comp Squad uniforms for our new online shop.
Due to the number of entrants and the number/types of photos we require, we have decided to give more than one dancer in the Under 8s category, the opportunity to model for us. The winners are:

Under 8s (age 3-7) – Darcie Sellick, Marcey Mentos & Madison Bradley

Under 12s (ages 8-11) – Amie Chamberlain

Rather disappointingly, we had no entrants in the Over 12s (age 12+) category. This means I will now be recruiting externally for this role.

Congratulations to all our entrants for some lovely photos and poses, and thank you to all the parents who supported our latest competition! The winners are pictured below:

Darcie Sellick, age 3

Madison Bradley, age 7

Amie Chamberlain, age 9

Marcey Mentos, age 6

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